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About Matisse

Matisse Student Halls is a brand new complex of apartments in the heart of Limassol and within a short walking distance from the university buildings addressed exclusively to students. Living in this prime location, in comfortable and well appointed studios,  in a safe environment, students have the opportunity to live in modern style among friends.

The owner company of Matisse Student Halls is Stavros Papaioannou Ltd with extensive experience in the furniture industry, land development and tourism industry.


Security & Safety 
Security and safety are top priorities at Matisse Student Halls. The entrance to the private and public areas is possible only with the use of security keys.

The building has been constructed with high standards of fire safety. It is equipped with a sophisticated fire detection system which is activated in case of overheating or smoke in any part of the building. Each room has a fire-resistant door that provides fire protection.


We want your stay with Matisse Student Halls to be hassle-free, so we are responsible for keeping the building in great working order and in fixing any problems as quickly as possible.